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Loc Nguyen, PM 

"... His passion for architecture is demonstrated daily through his designs, sketches, interaction with clients/colleagues and community involvements. Khang works tirelessly to refine his designs to ensure the client and Beck are getting the very best product. He is willing to collaborate with others and does not hesitate to help with any given assignments..."

Kei Lee, Senior Designer

"... He is one of hardest workers with a great passion and talented skills to get into any projects immediately and help them to proceed smooth, quick and refined. He also has a great sense to solve design problems to achieve optimizes solutions by producing multiple options quickly. He created lots high quality 3D models, hand drawing sketches and renderings for several presentations and they were all successful..."

Kristin Gonzales, Designer

"... Khang is an extremely helpful resource I can always count on. Although we work in different offices, he is always available to assist / answer any questions I may have pertaining to SketchUp / Lumion, etc. He has also been very helpful in helping me develop relationships with others in the Dallas Office..."

Tobias Newham, PA

"... Khang is incredibly talented at architectural visualization, digitally and hand sketching.   We could not accomplish much of what we do with out his contributions.  He simply makes a lot of what we do possible..."

Michael Kaiser, Design Director

"... It's always a pleasure to work with Khang. Rarely is he without a smile in the office and he's always willing to work many hours to get things right. Just recently, Khang asked to join us on a project interview. I loved his "gumption" and desire to grow..."

Francisco Ibarra , Designer

"... I have known Khang for a long time, we both attended the same university, and I know that Khang is a very passionate person. He is unbelievably talented and creative. Willing to work very hard to meet his goals, and in fact have seen him stay very late to finish his projects and have the best looking finished product for the client..."

Laura Gorden, PA

"... Working with Khang was a great experience because not only did I find that he was artistic, hardworking and a great team member, but he also became a good friend. Upon hearing of my mother’s surgery for cancer in November of that year, Khang got her a lovely gift for good luck from Vietnam. This showed me what a caring individual he is and I have witnessed many other instances of him going above and beyond for others..."

Johnny Limones , Designer

"... Khang from what I have observed, you have a great skill in sketching and visualization. Keep it up and use it to your advantage because not that many people have that ability..."

Tae Kim, Senior Designer

"... Khang has an exceptional eye for design. Everything he touches is beautiful from sketches to models to renderings..."

Clayton Daspit, Principal

"... Khang has been great to work with. He is a talented designer who generates creative ideas, and shows a high level of dedication. He has consistently put in extra effort to ensure that design efforts are successful..."

Manny Venegas, Project Coordinator 

"...I’m proud of you for being an asset to the ‘Latinos in Architecture’ association, bravo. You have great talent as a designer, an outstanding ability to turn around a presentation in minutes, regardless of the platform while providing a quality approach..."

Elizabeth Capps, HR

".. Khang is a very talented individual, the best sketcher I know! He is such a hard worker. He is always willing to help and goes above and beyond to get things done. He is a true asset to Beck..."

Michael Archer, Principal 

"...You have a great attitude and are willing to help whenever asked. This is a wonderful attribute! ... "

Ryan Woods, Designer

"... I have eminence respect for him as a designer and human being and feel that he is a great role model for the other young professionals in Beck. He was great to work with him remotely, he has excellent communication, and he is extremely fast..."

Hoyt Hammer, Principal 

"... It is a pleasure to have Khang as a member of our team. He is a talented individual with a collaborative mentality; always willing to assist, contributing innovative ideas, solutions and graphic content..."

Charles Sangerhausen, PM

"... I've never seen anyone sketch as profusely and consistently beautifully. There are architecture staff at twice your age that could learn a thing or two, and you have a chance to connect with others outside of your clique of friends or even your generation..."

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