UTA + HKS - Spring '13

Khang Nguyen + Adolfo Gonzalez + Tyler Shafer

As you know, nowadays, the health centers and hospitals must meet many standards: standards for the width of the corridor, standards for obese patients, the standard for the most advanced machines such as robotic arms like the one in Lady Bird Johnson that we have had the opportunity to visit. These standard optimize the moving distance and brings the most comfortable environment for the user. But it also limits the designs. So we thought in order to bring attraction for the center, not only meeting the standards, we also needed to create an open space. That will be a place for you to reduce stress, where people connect with nature, and support the idea of backbone connection between the clinic and existing hospital.

When we design the clinic we also thought about 7 flows that have been taught in this semester.

Imagine if you are a patient, coming to a medical facility, often little anxiety and little worries come along with you. If you are a doctor, or a nurse, each day you have to deal with the continuous different cases, you are also prone to stress.

To me, medical spaces in my head are always a closed and cold space, with surrounding walls and the dried sound of the communications system. 

We would like to change that perception.

Last spring-break I went to Houston for the first time. And the most impressive space for me was the Williams Tower Water Wall designed by Philip Johnson. I love that space. And I would like everyone who come to the clinic to have the chance to experience such similar space.

Imagine, when you open the door to the courtyard, you go from an enclosed space to an open space, connect you with nature, your ears listen tothe water flow, you looked up to see the sun rays shine through the louvers system overhead, and leave shadow stripes down the yard...your nose smell the scent of lavender flowers...while you walk to the waterfall you stretch out your hands to feel the water softly fall down to your skin. And your stress will be released.

Well, in this courtyard we also created a skylight to provide natural light for the service area underneath.

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