Khang Nguyen + Nima Malek, 2013

Every year United States veterans return home with injury; in fact, roughly 26% of our veterans live with some kind of disability from the service they gave to our country. Many return home with loss of mobility (bullet wound, loss of limbs, etc) that drastically changes the way they interact with the world and sometimes even the loss of the very freedoms they defended. This is not what our veterans deserve and this is why the American Institute of Architecture Students and the American Galvanizers Association have teamed to help offer freedom back to veterans by presenting the Design Competition, asks students from around the globe to explore ways of ascending for those who must now continue to fight just to enter their home.

By this design they will be able to proudly display the American flag, and other citizens will be 

able to show their gratitude towards those who helped shape the American history. By this 

idea, every time the veteran use their ramps there will be a veteran’s parade, enabling the 

citizens to honor them not only on veteran’s day. Our project explores the iconic image of the 

US national flag in designing an accessibility ramp for US veterans who have dedicated their 

lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy. 

In capturing the spirit of America, this project specifically examines how stars and stripes can be used as design elements, in an effort to give back to our vets the freedom to move around 

freely. We worked to utilize a modular system in order to make the ramp lightweight, portable 

and adaptable to various situations. At the moment when a veteran unfolds the ramp for use, 

by design, a patriotic image will form, affirming him/her for their sacrifices to this great country. 

In addition, in terms of operation, it is imperative that an effective solution includes accommodation for other programmatic requirements, such as accessibility codes and ease of use. We also using galvanized steel as the main material cause their qualities such as corrosion protection, durability, aesthetics and sustainability. In the future, there is also a possibility to integrate sensors inside for light activation and self-operation. 

American veterans have always done everything they are asked for to serve the country. We believe it is never too late to give them a hero’s welcome home.

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