UTA Fall 2012 / professor thad reeves / student khang nguyen 

My initial strategy is a facade of double frames. The line weight language of frame-size and opening-size are based on the golden ratio. Later, I reverse the layers and add more solid to the facade, make it more simple.

My intent is to complete the context by adding something seem to be missing from the context. Something new but not too far from the existing. So, I decide to preserve the language of straight-line but make the facade slightly curve not in this dimension but in that dimension. Along with form, function follows. Inside the 3 ft double facade, the usable spaces become storage and bookshelves. And it's also good for noise insulation. Outside the facade, the solid part is covered by 2ft x 10ft metal panels that are arranged in staggered ways.

The location of this building is at the crossroad of two New York busy streets. It give me a thought about the extremely noisy outside the street of a metropolitan. So, in my opinion, the quality of silence is one of the most important things when designing the apartment because everyone need a silent space to rest after a hard working day. The question is "How can we keep a space silent ? "

The most effective way in noise insulation is stop the source. But when it is impossible to do so, the second effective way is space planning. The arrangement of the function spaces is based on the priority of silence that space need: bedroom, than working room, than living room, than kitchen. So the bedroom is placed in the center, covered by other spaces. Other spaces become insulation spaces for it ...In addition, we can using interior objects more purposely, not only for function but also for noise insulation.

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